Presumed Innocent

Presumed innocent. That’s how one should be judged, especially in cases where there are no concrete evidences. 


Miracle in Cell No. 7 is indeed a movie filled with laughter and tears. It captures few realities we encounter in life. It can also portray the way people act when they are in power that sometimes they abuse their power and distort the rules and laws.

Yet, amidst all these things that happened, there are still kind, righteous and truthful people – people who may not be what they seem to be just because they are on , say, not so good place, which in turn are being judged because of where they are. The prisoners in cell number 7 have indeed shown the real human nature – the nature of man to care and love their fellow human being.

Indeed the film can teach us to be kind to others and not to jump on anger (for whatever negative things we encounter). The film has shown how cruel our systems can be, especially to those, who can’t speak up on their own. That the people behind the corrupted system tend to “power trip” and abuse their authority, are no less than people of low integrity. However, hope arises from people, who stand up for truth and justice.

In life, our ranks or positions are not the basis. What we do matters the most. You can have the highest rank, yet you step on others just so you could remain in power (and would like to remain in power forever) and you never humble yourself to critiques. Arrogant people blame others easily just so they could save themselves. Worst, they won’t accept other people’s opinion for they say that they are the ones, who should always be followed.

As an ending, the movie bounced back with truth and justice. It tells us that no matter the pain and judgment we may receive in life, in the end the truth shall set us free from all the pain that made us cry. There may be sacrifices but always keep the faith.


Le respect engendre le respect!

One would really wonder what on earth are the reasons for saying ill words against one person?

This person really felt so bad when this person heard those ‘ill words’ against him/her; Worst, it passed through a third party. This person was even shocked when he/she had known that he/she was the ‘blind item’ during one of the many things the company must do everyday. What’s even worst was when he/she was not around during that day – it seems he/she was even the last person to know such that happened.

And again, this person is facing these allegations – things that seem to judge him/her work. Why would one tell things to other people when you could have said them upfront – you could have told this person directly, even if you cuss in front of him/her. Why say that you can’t confront people but you can say things behind their back? One scenario even include using other entity to cover up something you have said against this person, saying they are the ones who complained when between those words, it shows you’re that person. How many ‘made-up’ things do you have to say to continuously ruin someone else’s career (and livelihood)?

Professionalism and ethics – where were they in this case? Should the first thing to be done here was to confront that person and tell that person what you claim as your complaints rather than ‘wrecking one’s image to other people just because you feel like doing so.’ Trust and respect were even burned here. How could one work in a place where he/she can’t even trust the very place he/she’s in? How could one respect you when you aren’t and even been able to respect people, especially those to be under the level (you believe) you’re in? Aren’t you even bothered that it seems you are demanding respect rather than freely receiving one?

Sometimes, what we say reflect who we are. They way we respect people creates the way we want to be respected. Indeed, the adage, “Respect begets respect!”

Caught by a line from ‘Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?’

Ano ang tipo mong lalaki? (line of Xian Lim)

I like someone who has a nice butt. Add to that, someone who’s witty and sensible.

But wait, ito nga ba ang mga qualities na talagang hinahanap ko? Oh well, after watching the movie, parang mas deeper qualities ang hinahanap ko; yet, at the same time ay hindi ko alam kung ano ang mga qualities na eto.

At ako’y napaisip talaga! (Imagine, I thought alam ko na talaga ang gusto ko. Eh, hindi pala!) Ano nga ba ang tipo ko sa lalaki?

Think, think, think!

Honestly, hindi ko na alam at wala akong alam na sagot!

Yet, I’ve learned from the movie, which is a rejoinder din sa adage – “there’s more than meet the eye.”

I think hindi mo talaga agad masasabi kung ano ang tipo mo sa isang lalaki (o babae – para sa mga lalaki)! I think you’ll eventually know what you are looking for when you already have it; and you would say to yourself that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for (nakz!). Because if we are just looking for what we thought as the ideal someone, we would miss some essential qualities that are far better than what we are looking for.

Too good to be true if you’ll say that your type of guy is someone who would sweep you off your feet; someone who is: intelligent, responsible, caring, loving, respectful, a one-woman man, and all the good qualities a man (woman) can have! Is there really someone who has all these qualities, na parang isang package talaga? As they would always say, simplicity is beauty. Yet, ang pagiging simple na ba ay sapat na? Again, there goes the irony – one’s simplicity may be complicated for some.

Time and again, there are things that are not easily answered especially when your thoughts conflict.

But for something to think about and to discover, I’ll ask myself (and if this applies to you), “What qualities are you looking for sa isang lalaki (or babae, sa mga lalaki)?”